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If you currently subscribe to Sky and wish to view Sky digital in other rooms around your home such as your bedroom, kitchen ,conservatory. We can plan and install a system where your current digi box can be viewed and operated around the whole of your home. If you think your Sky dish looks unsitely??We can possibly make it less obvious,by hiding it where possible.we fit Sky dishes on walls/ chimneys/ flat roofs/ out buildings or even at the bottom of your garden out of view.

You can now receive all your Television viewing via a satellite dish using the ITV & BBC Freesat service with a mini dish fitted to your home. Great alternative to Freeview especially if you live in a poor signal area for Freeview.
Choice of Freesat boxes available from a basic standard box, boxes that will give you high definition and even boxes you can record on without the needs of video tapes or dvd discs straight onto a hard drive.
Standard Freesat box SD (Standard definition)
HD Freesat box(High definition)
HD Freesat + box(High definition with built in hard drive recorder)